Briley Township



Contact Information

Treasurer, Vanessa Werner


Most of the duties of the treasurer are regulated and dictated by the State of Michigan. Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Briley Township Treasurer include:

  • Receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the Township or which are required by law to be paid into the Township treasury
  • Pay over and account for the funds according to law or Township board decision
  • Collect real property, personal property, and mobile home specific taxes and disburse those taxes to the appropriate taxing entities on a timely basis
  • Maintain accurate records of all income, receipts and disbursements
  • Deposit all receipts in the Township depository or depositories

Important Dates

  • July 1st 2023 – Summer Tax bills mailed
  • September 14th 2023 -Summer Taxes due without penalty
  • December 1st 2023 – Winter Tax bills mailed
  • February 14th 2023 – Winter Taxes due without penalty
  • February 28th 2023 – Last day to pay taxes at local unit
  • March 1st 2023 – Taxes roll delinquent and are transferred to the County